"I was recently involved in a near-fatal stabbing causing deep lacerations to my hand, arm and face. However, if it wasn't for Dr Eng's teachings I very well may not be here today. A huge thanks to Dr Eng, he really is the man!
Cainan Davies
Warehouse Manager
"Pillar is a great instructor who is patient and understands everyone learns at their own pace, especially when they have come from a different martial arts style. He makes every class enjoyable and always teaches something useful for any scenario. 10/10 Would recommend."
Luke Godbehere
IT Support Technician
"Have been training with Pillar for about six months now and having trained at other clubs previously, I can honestly say that Pillar has an extremely high understanding of Krav Maga and knows how to get the best out of his students. Would highly recommend anyone who is just starting out or has had previous experience to get onboard."
Brendan Poole
Operations Manager
"It's been refreshing to train with Pillar and the class. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Great practical self-defence training that builds confidence and fitness. I highly recommend everyone to have a go and try the introductory lessons!"
Physics Teacher
"Have started last year with Valiant Krav Maga and after heading into a couple of months down, I can say I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. It is a friendly atmosphere welcoming of newcomers. Combine this with an experienced Instructor who creates an environment for you to work up a sweat and be all you can be, with a practical self-defence system designed to be as efficient as possible. A wide range of people attend, and there are no egos here, so if in doubt, come give it a try!"
Scott P.
Chemical Engineer
"Valiant Krav Maga classes have great vibes and great people! Perfect for both advanced practitioners and beginners to learn self-defence in a non-intimidating and encouraging environment. I joined last year and have enjoyed every class so far despite not having much martial arts experience. Every class is well-structured and led by Pillar Eng who is a passionate and professional trainer. 1 star for the setups, 5 stars for everything else!!
Dr Su C.
Technology Lead
"Highly recommend Valiant Krav Maga for anyone looking for well-balanced martial arts. Classes perfectly provide a good level of fitness training and practical self defence techniques, and a friendly environment for all people."
Steve N.
"Valiant Krav Maga is a great club and has helped me build my skill, fitness and confidence in self defence. Pillar is a great instructor with clear instructions and is always keeping each session exciting and different as well as using all that is available at the facility (indoors, outdoors different lighting situations and obstacles).
Chris O.
"Valiant Krav Maga has great group classes! Great personal training!! Such a welcoming and fun environment!! Gets your blood pumping and heart racing!! So much fun! And I learnt so much!! Excited to keep going back again and again!!
Danielle S.
Mother, student
"I've enjoyed my time greatly with Valiant Krav Maga. Under the expert tutelage of Pillar I've left every class feeling that I've truly accomplished something, be it a new skill, technique or attitude/approach to different situations - these are then built upon even further in the next class. There's a good balance of physical conditioning, technical training and even a bit of light entertainment thrown into the mix in a friendly, supportive and professional environment."
Hayden B.
IT Administrator
"Have done a few Krav Maga classes before trying out Valiant Krav Maga. Can honestly say that the instructor has successfully achieved a relaxing and fun atmosphere while also leaving us huffing and puffing at the same time. Classes are a great mix between a cardio workout and real-life solutions to self-defence situations that occur in the real world. Focuses on proper technique and form. Fun for all ages. The only thing you need is your own water bottle."
David D.
"Have been training Krav Maga since early November 2017. I train MMA and I find adding Krav to my resume has greatly enhanced my overall capabilities in real-life self-defence skills. Pillar breaks down each session into a step-by-step format which I find easy to drill and comprehend what's required in each movement. Great training! Great fun! Very rewarding!"
Brad W.
Construction Supervisor
"Highly recommend the one-on-one lessons. Pillar was great at tailoring the class for our needs and always kept it fun and challenging. Pillar is great at explaining the various techniques for a beginner like myself."
Anna H.
Marketing Lead
"I had great results training with Valiant Krav Maga. It has provided me with significant physical improvements in my core strength and self-defense capabilities. As someone who has always been shy of combat sports or physical confrontations, Valiant Krav maga has really increased my self-confidence to approaching hostile situations."
Mitch G.
Systems Engineer
"Great cardio workout and learning real-life self-defence skills from the first couple of classes. Perfect way to increase my fitness and confidence with a friendly group of people.
Chris Fleet
Social Worker
"I've had a lot of fun learning Krav Maga with Pillar! The lessons are straight to the point, simple and effective. Definately recommend!
Danny C.
Film Director/Cinematographer
"Learning Krav Maga has been a great workout, with interesting lessons on a variety of combat techniques, and a side effect of becoming John Wick!"
Regan R.
IT Specialist
"Great Krav Maga class! I learnt a lot whilst I was training there!"
Jubilee Yang
University Student

"I can highly recommend Valiant Krav Maga and Pillar as an instructor. Despite that I only had 2 sessions with Pillar, I felt already empowered and I was able to handle the following:

Recently I found myself in a situation where 2 teenagers were running away from 3 attackers. My garage door has just opened and the 2 teenagers were hiding on my property. At this time I didn't know what was going on and who were the good and the bad guys.

Once I saw the 3 "attackers" it was very clear who was who (they looked really dodgy). Those 3 "attackers" came across as very aggressive and they were after the 2 teenagers "to bash them hard".

Well, I had my wife and a newborn in the house, so I was ready to defend them. Despite that I only had a few sessions of Krav Maga, I felt I could handle the situation.

I was not frightened, I felt I was able to surprise the them. It was almost like I was holding an invisible weapon in my hand, and I didn't tell any of them.

I think the key here was that I felt mentally prepared. That helped to keep enough physical and mental distance and gave me enough time until more neighbours came out of their houses and could help me in handling the situation (which I had under control).

The fact that I didn't run away and were hiding inside the house has also rescued the 2 teenagers, who were hiding in my backyard and were absolutely scared.

Despite that my wife called the police, it took them 40 minutes (yes four zero minutes!) to arrive. By then, the danger was over.

Thank you Valiant Krav Maga and Pillar for giving me so fast after the training the mental strength to defend my family and two 14 year old boys."

Kevin K.
Test Engineer
"A great class, Pillar is a skilled and thorough Krav instructor. Highly recommended."
Kevin T
Protective Services
"I have found it quite enjoyable learning how to defend from grabs, how to stand and throw a punch properly. The improvement in my fitness level is also good."
Jack A.
University Student
"Pillar is a very good teacher! I have only been training for a few weeks and I am enjoying it immensely. Pillar ensures I'm doing every technique correctly, which has allowed me to progress faster and to see results. Would 100% recommend to anyone."
Imogen Simmons
"I have been training with valiant Krav Maga for three weeks now and look forward to the sessions every week!! Pillar is a very knowledgeable trainer who manages to keep a relaxed atmosphere and made me feel very welcome. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience there is no better place to train!!!"
Sean Dummett
Transportation Officer