Upcoming Events


We will be conducting gradings for eligible students on:

Monday 27 May at Aspley State School Hall
From 6:00 p.m.

Please arrive early to warm up and prepare yourself for the grading.

The grading is comprised of five parts: demonstration of techniques, both with and without a partner; scenarios; sparring; stress drills and a fitness test.

In preparation for grading, please continue to attend classes as often as you can, work on your fitness and drink plenty of fluids. The grading syllabus will have been handed out in class, please see your instructor if you have not received it.

In preparation for grading, we will also be holding a special 2 hr workshop on:

Sat 25th May at Aspley State School Hall
From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Please bring along your grading curriculum and work through difficult areas with your instructor. This workshop is also opened to those not grading and who wish to focus on further developing their techniques

Queensland Krav Maga Camp

From 26-28 July, KMG Australia will be hosting a Krav Maga Camp in Brisbane. This is the second annual camp and promises to be even more fun, exciting and influential. It will be packed with vital knowledge, training, drills and scenarios to consolidate the material taught.

Guided by internationally accredited Krav Maga Global (KMG) instructors, you will train in:

  • Close quarters combat
  • Third party protection
  • Defences using common objects
  • How to deal with weapon threats

The training will be held at:

Bulimba Community Centre
1 Barramul St
Bulimba, QLD 4171

Simulation Week

Next week is Simulation Week at Valiant Krav Maga! This is a great opportunity to consolidate what you have learnt so far and apply the skills and techniques to various situations designed to test your resolve, determination and ability to perform under pressure!

Be Rewarded With Up To $100

Here's how it works:

Recommend someone to enrol in our classes. Once they have signed up to one of our regular packages you will receive your reward.

  • 1 Referral - Dri-Fit training shirt valued at $45
  • 2 Referrals - Protective equipment for training up to $75
  • 3 Referrals - A 1-hour private training session valued at $95

Summon your recruiting skills and let us reward you!

Master Camps in Israel 2019

Each year, a series of three Master Camps are held in Krav Maga's birthplace, Israel. The camps are designed to advance and enhance your skills in Krav Maga, as well as enable you to grade for the next level. The Master Camps are divided into three categories according to the practitioner's rank.

  • Practitioner Camp (P Camp)
  • Graduate Camp (G Camp)
  • Expert Camp (E Camp)

Each camp lasts from 6 to 9 days and are an excellent opportunity to master your skills, meet new friends and enjoy the knowledge and experience as part of the Krav Maga community.

All graded students are eligible to participate. Please see your instructor to apply for these camps.

Check back often, more information to come!

Touring & Training - Israel Adventure 2019

Ever wanted to experience Krav Maga and visit the Holy Land, the birthplace of Krav Maga? Why not combine both and take part in the 2019 Touring & Training - Israel Adventure packages?

There will be three training packages this year:

1. Israel Adventure - 29 Mar to 7 Apr

2. TLV Adventure - 19 Sep to 23 Sep

3. Desert Adventure - 1 Dec to 8 Dec

Participants will be able to visit historic and scenic sites including the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the rock fortress of Masada, the City of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more, whilst training with Grandmaster Eyal and mastering the Krav Maga techniques and tactics suited to the particular environment and terrain.

Places, as always, are limited so be sure to book yours quickly!

Past Events

Next Intake - Aspley Krav Maga Classes

Our next intake for newcomers to our Aspley training venue is:

Monday 15th April 6:30 p.m.
Aspley State School Hall, Cnr of Appleby and Horn Rds, ASPLEY

This is a great time to pair up with your colleague, best friend and/or partner and start training in Krav Maga.

Join a supportive and friendly training environment where you are nurtured to be your best!

Register with a friend (or friends!) and receive 50% off both/all of your trials! Limited time only!

High Risk Situation Scenario Training

In March, due to recent Active Shooter events in New Zealand, we ran a simulation exercise at Valiant Krav Maga where students were first taught the 3 Basic Principles of responding to such a situation, and then exposed to a simulated Active Shooter Event to test their responses and consolidate what they had learnt. The following video demonstrates...

April Intake - Krav Maga Classes

We had a great intake of students last Monday at our training venue in Aspley. We spent the night first learning the basic strikes, then modifying the strikes such that they would work for any attacker, particularly for people resistant to pain. This included strikes to areas of the body which would elicit the preferred response from the aggressor, and which only depends on the physiology of the body and not any sensory organs. Dr Pillar Eng (Expert Level 1) taught the class which was enjoyed by all. A few photos are provided below for viewing.

Ground Fighting Course 2019

A three-day intensive course on ground fighting was held from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24 at Adamstown, NSW. The course was taught by Rune Lind, a KMG Expert Level 5 Instructor, MMA Trainer and former Cage Fighter from Norway, and was extremely informative. Participants were provided with tools used in the competitive sports world to improve their fighting skills. Even for those participants with a background in the ground combat sports, the course was still very valuable.

Participants were tested to their limits in drills and countless rounds of competitive sparring, and were provided with training tips on how to integrate the skills they had learnt into their training routine. The feedback from all attendees was extremely positive, with many wanting to repeat the course.

Below are a few photos from the course for your enjoyment.

Car Jacking Seminar 2019

On Saturday 16 February, an Anti-Car Jacking Seminar was held at Molendinar on the Gold Coast. The seminar covered striking in confined spaces, manoeuvring and environmental awareness around a vehicle, safe ingress and egress of a vehicle as well as defences from threats and assaults both inside and outside of a vehicle!

Things became more interesting once knives and handguns were introduced into the fray! We workshopped techniques and tactics to defend and escape from a seated position with and without the seatbelt fastened, as well as how to neutralise an armed attack from all directions and angles (see photos below).

All participants greatly enjoyed the seminar and are keen to return for further such seminars.

Krav Maga Seminar 2019 - Aspley, BRISBANE

Held by Dr Pillar Eng - Expert Level Krav Maga Instructor

Our New Year Krav Maga Seminar was held on Saturday, 19 January at Aspley State School, Brisbane. It was well-attended by students and newcomers alike.

In this seminar, I taught participants general awareness, self-defence skills, the reality of self-defence and what to do post conflict.

We focused on honing our combative skillset, sharpening our reflexes in dealing with bladed weapons, and developing strategies to overcome attacks once we have been thrown/taken to the ground.

All participants greatly enjoyed the Seminar and the practical takeaways that it afforded them.

If you have missed this Seminar, do not worry as we will be hosting several more seminars exploring different topics throughout the year. If you have any suggestions for topics please contact us here:

Some photos from the seminar are posted below for your enjoyment!

Last Week of Classes for 2018!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year! This is the last week of classes for 2018. Class will recommence Wednesday January 9, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.! Looking forward to another great year!‚Äč

Expert Camp Australia

Traditionally held in Israel, this year a further KMG Expert Camp was held in Australia from September 29 to October 5, 2018. This marked the first time that such an exclusive camp was held in this country, and right on the Gold Coast! Again, I was able to attend to continue to advance my skills!

The KMG Global Instructor Team, including representatives from Israel, Australia and Singapore attended. This was a great opportunity for those students and instructors who have graded to Graduate Level 4 and above to take part and take their skills to the next level!

As can be seen from the photo below, there was a great turnout of participants from five(5) countries! Everyone there embodied the Krav Maga tenet of continuous learning and pursuing towards an ever higher level of skills and knowledge proficiency.

Congratulations to all those who graded for their Expert levels and passed their tests!

Krav Maga Master Tour

The 2018 Australia Krav Maga Master Tour was held yesterday afternoon 30 September at Broadbeach State School on the Gold Coast. As can be seen from the photo, there was a great turnout of participants! Everyone enjoyed the wisdom and practical guidance imparted by Eyal Yanilov (Master Level 3), the man who spread Krav Maga throughout the world. From physical fitness and mental toughness drills, through to combatives, defending against weapons and multiple attackers and culminating in third-party protection principles, the afternoon was packed with real-world techniques and tactics that can be readily applied to any foreseeable threat. We were all inspired to take our self-defence skills to the next level!

Expert Camp 2018

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the annual KMG Expert Camp held at HaGoshrim Hotel and Nature Resort, Israel between June 18-26 this year. After 7.5 hours of a gruelling grading test, I was promoted to Expert Level 1 in Krav Maga! The test involved performing techniques and tactics against orthodox and southpaw attackers, weapons disarm, third-party protection and countless rounds of fighting individual and up to five other opponents!

Over 80 Krav Maga Expert-level instructors from around the world participated in these 9 days of intense, fun-filled physical, psychological and tactical training with Master Eyal Yanilov and the Global Instructor Team.

Everyone showed great determination, courage and resolve during the grading tests, and came away with heightened knowledge and appreciation of Krav Maga as well as where they stood in relation to it. Congratulations to all who passed their tests!