Virtual Training

Our online, live training sessions allow you to continue your training whether at home, in a remote location or when you cannot physically be present at the gym, such as due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

We use web conferencing tools to deliver lessons to you in real-time, and with the opportunity for feedback, adjustment and clarification. All you would need is a laptop or phone to access the content.

To find out more and take advantage of this great feature, book a class today!

Group Sessions

Our group sessions allow you to learn Krav Maga and self-defence in an enjoyable, safe and friendly environment. Whilst individual training in your own time is greatly encouraged, the reality of violent confrontations today is that you are often confronted with not just one but multiple attackers.

Training in a group thus allows you to understand how to deal with different body types, size, weight and physical abilities. It also creates an atmosphere of mutual encouragement and support to help you achieve your goals. You will gain inspiration from fellow team members who are fun, dedicated and positive.

We will pair you with members that match your skill level and experience, with everyone supporting and encouraging each other to grow.

Our members are humble and dedicated, there is no ego in class.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the fastest way to progress and obtain measurable results. One-on-one tuition with a certified Krav Maga Instructor ensures that you are always learning correct techniques safely. Each lesson is tailored to your specific needs, goals, fitness level and ability, and can be conducted at a location and time that suits you.

We will work with you to correct mistakes, to overcome your weaknesses and to grow your strengths in a challenging, yet nurturing and safe training environment.

In addition to self-defence and defensive tactics, past topics requested by clients have included travel safety, defending against specific occupational threats, defending third parties, and control and restraint techniques.

Corporate Training

Should your workplace or occupation require instruction in self-defence, defensive tactics or conflict resolution, please contact us to explore specific topics, themes or situations. We can provide both theoretical and practical instruction, although we emphasize the practical application of theory through exercises and drills to consolidate what is covered in the classroom.

We can also cater for group fitness sessions in the workplace to foster camaraderie and teamwork. Your group will learn practical skills in an enjoyable, engaging and familiar environment.

Self Defence for Women

Krav Maga uses efficient body mechanics to obtain maximum results, this makes it perfect for ladies to learn.

You will learn strikes, locks, holds and kicks in addition to techniques, strategies and concepts to deal decisively against any assault, and to extricate yourself from potential, life-threatening situations with maximum efficiency. You will also learn how to deal with larger and stronger attackers as well as to protect your loved ones.

Our classes are geared towards bringing out the best in our female members whilst upholding safety as our top priority. You will not be exposed to any physical danger during training.