Located North of Brisbane (Aspley), and South of Brisbane (Moorooka)

Safe, friendly training environment

We teach Krav Maga, a street-tested and effective self-defence, fitness and Close Quarters Combat system that equips you to protect yourself and those you love.

By providing a realistic, yet supportive and safe training environment, we encourage you to continuously advance in learning, to overcome your limitations and even to push beyond these confines.

Our mission is to empower you with the confidence, strength and skills to not only survive a real-life, violent encounter, but to also adapt to and overcome life's challenges.

Contact us today and discover why we are Brisbane's leading self-defence school.

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I've enjoyed my time greatly with Valiant Krav Maga. Under the expert tutelage of Pillar I've left every class feeling that I've truly accomplished something, be it a new skill, technique or attitude/approach to different situations - these are then built upon even further in the next class. There's a good balance of physical conditioning, technical training and even a bit of light entertainment thrown into the mix in a friendly, supportive and professional environment.

Hayden Beilby

IT Administrator

Pillar is a fantastic trainer who certainly knows how to keep classes engaging, stimulating and physically challenging for all attendees - regardless of experience. His classes are warm, welcoming and fast-paced, and I would absolutely recommend anyone (beginner or not) to train at Valiant Krav Maga!

Gemma Refalo


Valiant Krav Maga has great group classes! Great personal training!! Such a welcoming and fun environment!! Gets your blood pumping, heart racing!! So much fun! And learnt so much!! Excited to keep going back again and again!!

Danielle Stinson

Mother of five/Student

I've trained and learned with Valiant Krav Maga for a few months now and I'm physically stronger, fitter and significantly more capable in self-defence because of it. The instructor is a real expert in Krav Maga and as a bonus you get fit and strong. Win win. To me this has been solid value for money.

Thomas Fenderwood

Systems Architect