Upcoming Events

New KMG 2021 Syllabus

KMG is introducing a new P1 to P5 syllabus to be followed in the coming months by those for G and E levels. One primary aspect of the New Approach include the introduction of a "Tactical Pillar" to foster tactical decision making, "fighting smart" rather than just "fighting hard". In most situations, the attacker has the advantage at least in timing and intent, if not in size or skill. Thus, fighting smart will allow us to turn anything and everything to our advantage to prevail!

Online Training

To allow students who may not be able to make it to a normal class due to current COVID-19 government restrictions, work, studies or other personal commitments, we are making available online training to be delivered live! We are using web conferencing tools and the power of the Internet to allow you to continue your training. In addition, the training sessions will be recorded to allow you to opportunity for review and self-study.

To find out how you can benefit, send an email to We are waiting to hear from you!

Past Events

Grading - 18th September 2021

Grading for eligible students was conducted on Saturday 18th September. All students displayed great technical skill and tenacity to persevere through over 5 hours of testing! Grading results will be posted soon!

Pre-grading Workshops

Gradings are just around the corner and will be conducted in August. To help prepare students for grading, a series of technical workshops will be held in the coming weeks at Aspley State School. These workshops are also opened to students who are not grading this time but are still keen to improve upon their techniques. The workshop dates are:

* Saturday 19th June, 2 - 4:30 p.m. - Striking and Counters

* Saturday 10th July, 2 - 4:30 p.m. - Grappling and Takedowns

* Sunday 18th July, 2 - 4:30 p.m. - Ground fighting

* Saturday 24th July, 2 - 4:30 p.m. - Weapons

* Saturday 31th July, 2 - 4:30 p.m. - Fighting and Combat

Stay tuned for more information

Return to Class - 11th January 2021

It's a New Year and that means more opportunities and goals to achieve!

We will resume training for the New Year this coming Monday from 7:00 p.m. at Aspley State School, after the Brisbane lockdown is over. This will allow students enough time to get to the training venue. Covid-19 safe procedures will be adhered to to ensure that all students can train safely.

We trust that you have had a good holiday and look forward to welcoming you back on the mats.


KMG Master Camps 2020

There is still much going on this year despite the worldwide pandemic. In the week beginning December 14 we graded all eligible students. Over a period of 1 week, we witnessed the vast display of skills, perseverance and commitment which the students had shown throughout the year, and now had the opportunity to demonstrate in full at grading.

Congratulations to the following students on their promotions:

Scott Petersen - Graduate Level 1
Christopher Osborn - Graduate Level 2
Sean Dummett - Graduate Level 2
Peter Wood - Graduate Level 1
Jonathan Nutter - Graduate Level 1
Jaiden Tate - Graduate Level 1

KMG Master Camps 2020

This year's Master Camps were held in Croatia! October witnessed all three Practitioner, Graduate and Expert level camps taking place. For those who were able to attend, it was an awesome experience filled with informative content, excellent instruction and great opportunities to practice and apply what has been taught.

Graduating Instructors 2020

I had the privilege to train with our next batch of instructors last week in Sydney, Australia, as they prepared for their final examinations. Here they are seen just after graduating from the KMG General Instructors Course! A concerted effort was exercised by all and the graduation was well-deserved.

Thankyou Master Zeev

We have had four wonderful online seminars with Master Zeev Cohen from Israel. He is an excellent teacher with vast experience and is able to impart that to Instructors and students alike. Looking forward to more training with you in the future, thankyou Sir!

Seminar with Master Zeev Cohen

For the next four Wednesday's we will host Master Zeev Cohen from Israel who will be conducting a series of live, online seminars. This is an opportunity to train with the best and not to be missed! See Master Cohen's credentials below.

COST: $90 for 4 sessions, or $30 per session. Contact me to reserve booking.


ABOUT MASTER ZEEV - Master Level 2

With an Extensive experience of 30 years of teaching Krav Maga, Zeev considered a TOP level instructor in the world today. Being
the Closest disciple of Master Eyal Yanilov (KMG), Master Zeev resume includes:
• Head and founder of KMG Kids division
• Senior member of the Global Team (G.T)
• Founder and Chief Instructor of Impact Krav Maga, biggest KM school in Israel
• Qualification of hundreds of KM Adults/Kids instructors and Experts
• Trained thousands of students at professional courses, seminars and workshops all over the world

“Based on years of experience and In-depth academic learning I hold a clear concept of teaching Krav Maga to Students and Instructors”:
• Make it simple and accessible to all people.
• Make a structured teaching process and training methodology.
• Consistency: Train – get efficient and useful feedback – Repeat again and again.
• Motivation and empowerment are KEYS for growing and becoming better.

• How to operate on line training structured teaching process
• Get a Personal feedback
• All lessons include: Structured Warm up Routine, Integrated
• Technical Subject, Daily Physical Challenge, Analyzing the lesson and Answering Questions.

Lesson # 1 - Defending Circular Knife Attacks from the front.
Wednesday 13th May / 6.30pm (East Coast Time)

Lesson # 2 - Defending Straight Knife Attacks.
Wednesday 20th May / 6.30pm (East Coast Time)

Lesson # 3 - Dealing with Knife threats.
Wednesday 27th May / 6.30pm (East Coast Time)

Lesson # 4 - Defending Knife Attacks from a Sitting Position.
Wednesday 3rd June / 6.30pm (East Coast Time)


Congratulations to our students who graded and were promoted to new levels in December last year!

Scott - Practitioner Level 5
Calvin - Practitioner Level 2
Dan - Practitioner Level 1
Chris - Practitioner Level 1
Angus - Practitioner Level 1

Photos to come!

Krav Maga Seminar 2020

On Saturday 18 January, 2020, Valiant Krav Maga held a seminar covering defences against car-jackings, attacks inside a vehicle as well as home invasions. This seminar provided highly valuable skills as used by the Israeli Defence Force and Security Units to defend against and defeat these attacks, and was greatly appreciated by all in attendance.

Specific techniques and tactics covered included how to safely enter and exit a vehicle, with/without a seatbelt, how to defend against attacks involving a weapon in and around the vehicle, as well as post-assault actions to take. The Seminar also covered tactics and safety precautions for use in and around a vehicle as well as the home, and how to deal with an assailant/s who assault you whilst you are at home or entering your home.

The techniques and tactics were easy to learn and apply under differing conditions and environment. The Seminar culminated in activities where students simulated a vehicle jacking as well as a break-and-enter scenario. The lessons taught were invaluable and greatly enjoyed by all.

Grading, December 2019

Between 6 to 10 December, a grading was conducted for all eligible students. Everyone trained hard prior to the grading and brought out their best performance on the day. Well done to our newly graded students: Scott (P5), Calvin (P2), Chris (P1), Angus (P1), Sean (P1), Jason (P1). The grading test not only assessed students on their technical abilities, but also their fitness, mental strength, performance under pressure and self control.

A few photos are included below:

Combat Fighting Instructors Course

Between 27 October to 3 November, I attended the Combat Fighting Instructors Course in Hamburg, Germany. This was a specialist course to upskill Krav Maga Instructors in their fighting abilities, and was taught by experienced Instructors with many hours of combat experience out on the streets or in the field. The course was a real eye-opener and provided a wealth of information and practical knowledge in dealing with armed and unarmed attacks, as well as attacks from practitioners of different fighting styles.

After a gruelling 70-hour week, including a four hour fighting test, I was awarded my CFIC certificate and patch! Many thanks to Eyal, Balasz and Dragen for running the course and sharing much valuable knowledge.

Queensland Krav Maga Camp

From 26-28 July, KMG Australia hosted a Krav Maga Camp in Brisbane. This is the second annual camp and was as action-packed and enjoyable as last year's. Under the tutelage of expert instructors, students gained vital knowledge and skills in Close Quarters Combat, Third Party Protection, street self-defence as well as invaluable training, drills and scenarios to consolidate the material taught.

The training was held at the Bulimba Community Centre, stay tuned for next year's event!

Weapons Defence Seminar

On Saturday 22 June, Valiant Krav Maga hosted a Weapons Defence Seminar at Aspley State School. It was a packed 3 hours with a large number of techniques and tactics shown, and with each technique building on the technique beforehand such that students were provided with a consolidated approach to learning. Defences against knives, sticks/batons and even long guns were covered. Everyone enjoyed the seminar immensely. Stay tuned for further such seminars.


On May 27 we held a grading for all eligible students. The grading was comprised of five sections: demonstration of techniques, scenario testing, sparring, stress drills and a fitness test. Congratulations to all students who successfully passed their grading! As everyone knows, promotion in Krav Maga is always earned, never given.

Simulation Week

From time to time, we run a Simulation Week at Valiant Krav Maga! This is a great opportunity to consolidate what you have learnt to date and apply the skills and techniques to various simulated, real-world situations designed to test your resolve, determination and ability to perform under pressure!

Don't worry, everything is conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner, with expert oversight. You will walk away with the confidence that you can handle yourself in a semi-real, possibly violent environment!

Next Intake - Aspley Krav Maga Classes

Our next intake for newcomers to our Aspley training venue is:

Monday 15th April 6:30 p.m.
Aspley State School Hall, Cnr of Appleby and Horn Rds, ASPLEY

This is a great time to pair up with your colleague, best friend and/or partner and start training in Krav Maga.

Join a supportive and friendly training environment where you are nurtured to be your best!

Register with a friend (or friends!) and receive 50% off both/all of your trials! Limited time only!

High Risk Situation Scenario Training

In March, due to recent Active Shooter events in New Zealand, we ran a simulation exercise at Valiant Krav Maga where students were first taught the 3 Basic Principles of responding to such a situation, and then exposed to a simulated Active Shooter Event to test their responses and consolidate what they had learnt. The following video demonstrates...

April Intake - Krav Maga Classes

We had a great intake of students last Monday at our training venue in Aspley. We spent the night first learning the basic strikes, then modifying the strikes such that they would work for any attacker, particularly for people resistant to pain. This included strikes to areas of the body which would elicit the preferred response from the aggressor, and which only depends on the physiology of the body and not any sensory organs. Dr Pillar Eng (Expert Level 1) taught the class which was enjoyed by all. A few photos are provided below for viewing.

Ground Fighting Course 2019

A three-day intensive course on ground fighting was held from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24 at Adamstown, NSW. The course was taught by Rune Lind, a KMG Expert Level 5 Instructor, MMA Trainer and former Cage Fighter from Norway, and was extremely informative. Participants were provided with tools used in the competitive sports world to improve their fighting skills. Even for those participants with a background in the ground combat sports, the course was still very valuable.

Participants were tested to their limits in drills and countless rounds of competitive sparring, and were provided with training tips on how to integrate the skills they had learnt into their training routine. The feedback from all attendees was extremely positive, with many wanting to repeat the course.

Below are a few photos from the course for your enjoyment.

Car Jacking Seminar 2019

On Saturday 16 February, an Anti-Car Jacking Seminar was held at Molendinar on the Gold Coast. The seminar covered striking in confined spaces, manoeuvring and environmental awareness around a vehicle, safe ingress and egress of a vehicle as well as defences from threats and assaults both inside and outside of a vehicle!

Things became more interesting once knives and handguns were introduced into the fray! We workshopped techniques and tactics to defend and escape from a seated position with and without the seatbelt fastened, as well as how to neutralise an armed attack from all directions and angles (see photos below).

All participants greatly enjoyed the seminar and are keen to return for further such seminars.

Krav Maga Seminar 2019 - Aspley, BRISBANE

Held by Dr Pillar Eng - Expert Level Krav Maga Instructor

Our New Year Krav Maga Seminar was held on Saturday, 19 January at Aspley State School, Brisbane. It was well-attended by students and newcomers alike.

In this seminar, I taught participants general awareness, self-defence skills, the reality of self-defence and what to do post conflict.

We focused on honing our combative skillset, sharpening our reflexes in dealing with bladed weapons, and developing strategies to overcome attacks once we have been thrown/taken to the ground.

All participants greatly enjoyed the Seminar and the practical takeaways that it afforded them.

If you have missed this Seminar, do not worry as we will be hosting several more seminars exploring different topics throughout the year. If you have any suggestions for topics please contact us here:

Some photos from the seminar are posted below for your enjoyment!

Last Week of Classes for 2018!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year! This is the last week of classes for 2018. Class will recommence Wednesday January 9, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.! Looking forward to another great year!​

Expert Camp Australia

Traditionally held in Israel, this year a further KMG Expert Camp was held in Australia from September 29 to October 5, 2018. This marked the first time that such an exclusive camp was held in this country, and right on the Gold Coast! Again, I was able to attend to continue to advance my skills!

The KMG Global Instructor Team, including representatives from Israel, Australia and Singapore attended. This was a great opportunity for those students and instructors who have graded to Graduate Level 4 and above to take part and take their skills to the next level!

As can be seen from the photo below, there was a great turnout of participants from five(5) countries! Everyone there embodied the Krav Maga tenet of continuous learning and pursuing towards an ever higher level of skills and knowledge proficiency.

Congratulations to all those who graded for their Expert levels and passed their tests!

Krav Maga Master Tour

The 2018 Australia Krav Maga Master Tour was held yesterday afternoon 30 September at Broadbeach State School on the Gold Coast. As can be seen from the photo, there was a great turnout of participants! Everyone enjoyed the wisdom and practical guidance imparted by Eyal Yanilov (Master Level 3), the man who spread Krav Maga throughout the world. From physical fitness and mental toughness drills, through to combatives, defending against weapons and multiple attackers and culminating in third-party protection principles, the afternoon was packed with real-world techniques and tactics that can be readily applied to any foreseeable threat. We were all inspired to take our self-defence skills to the next level!

Expert Camp 2018

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the annual KMG Expert Camp held at HaGoshrim Hotel and Nature Resort, Israel between June 18-26 this year. After 7.5 hours of a gruelling grading test, I was promoted to Expert Level 1 in Krav Maga! The test involved performing techniques and tactics against orthodox and southpaw attackers, weapons disarm, third-party protection and countless rounds of fighting individual and up to five other opponents!

Over 80 Krav Maga Expert-level instructors from around the world participated in these 9 days of intense, fun-filled physical, psychological and tactical training with Master Eyal Yanilov and the Global Instructor Team.

Everyone showed great determination, courage and resolve during the grading tests, and came away with heightened knowledge and appreciation of Krav Maga as well as where they stood in relation to it. Congratulations to all who passed their tests!