Krav Maga Seminar

Want to GET FIT, FEEL SAFE, and DEVELOP MENTAL STRENGTH in a friendly, supportive environment?

Interested in learning a highly effective SELF-DEFENCE SYSTEM also taught to military and law enforcement units worldwide?

On Saturday, 19th January 2019, Valiant Krav Maga will be hosting a 3-hour Self-Defence Seminar.

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Aspley State School Hall, corner of Appleby and Horn Rds, ASPLEY.

This Seminar will cover:

  • Striking and combatives
  • Defences against common street attacks
  • What to do when threatened or attacked with a weapon
  • What to do when you are taken to the ground
  • How to protect yourself and loved ones from an attack

Usually such a seminar would cost $75, but for a limited time only it will be $59.95!

You will also receive a FREE Dri-Fit training shirt valued at $40!

For existing students the seminar will be $29.95.

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY! Only a few spots left!

This seminar includes...

  • FREE Dri-Fit training shirt
  • EXPERT GUIDANCE and MOTIVATION from a Senior Krav Maga Instructor

You are guaranteed to learn within the first hour!

See what others are saying...

I can say I am thoroughly enjoying the experience with Valiant Krav Maga. It is a friendly atmosphere welcoming of newcomers. Combine this with an experienced instructor who creates an environment for you to work up a sweat and be all you can be, with a practical self-defence system designed to be as efficient as possible. A wide range of people attend, and there are no egos here, so if in doubt come give it a try!
Scott P.
Chemical Engineer
Valiant Krav Maga has great group classes! Great personal training!! Such a welcoming and fun environment!! Gets your blood pumping, heart racing!! So much fun! And learnt so much!! Excited to keep going back again and again!!
Danielle S.
Real Estate Agent
Valiant Krav Maga classes have great vibes and great people! Perfect for both advanced practitioners and beginners to learn self-defence in a non-intimidating and encouraging environment. I have enjoyed every class so far despite not having much martial arts experience. Every class is well-structured and led by Pillar Eng who is a passionate and professional trainer!
Dr Su H.
Technology Lead


Q: "Do I need to be in good shape to start?"

Absolutely not! Just come as you are. If you are not physically fit, our classes will greatly improve your fitness. If you are already in great shape, then we will help you stay fit, and probably attain a higher level of fitness too.

Q: "What should I do if I have a medical condition?"

If you have a medical condition, a past injury requiring surgery or a chronic ailment, or anything else that may be of concern, please speak to a medical professional before joining our classes.

It is highly likely that you will be more than capable to train and enjoy learning Krav Maga. However, there may be certain exercises which may require you to do slowly at first. Just let us know what your doctor says.

Q: "Are these classes violent? Can I get hurt?

People often associate Krav Maga with violence. After all, one is learning self-defence techniques. However, there is a vast difference between self-defence and violence. Self-defence means you seek a peaceful way of life, only defending yourself if you absolutely have to.

Violence implies that one actively seeks hostile situations.

Whilst injury is possible with any form of exercise - we are proud to say that injuries are very rare here. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that you learn Krav Maga in a safe, effective way.

Q: "Are these classes fun? Serious? Strict? Etc.?

These classes encompass all the above! Every class ranges from fun and light-hearted, to focused and serious. We have found that a good balance of both provides the most enjoyable and effective learning environment.